Google avengers endgame easter egg

Search ‘Thanos’ on Google & See the Magic

The Avengers Endgame is getting released worldwide today. Google has joined hands with Marvel to tribute this movie’s characters. If you type ‘ Thanos ‘ in Google Search and click on the Infinity Stone studded gauntlet on the right side, you see a different look on the screen. After clicking on the right hand side, […]

Salman Khan Cycling

‘Dabangg Khan’ was seen riding bicycle on streets of Mumbai, Photos viral

Salman Khan is how much passionate about his fitness, it is not hidden from anyone. Salman Khan’s new photos have surfaced in which he was seen cycling on the streets of Mumbai. Now, when Salman Khan will be seen on the streets, there is no need to mention what will be the level of enthusiasm […]


Virat Kohli Praises Anushka Sharma’s Performance in ‘Zero’, Gets Massively Trolled

Kohli, who is no stranger to online trolling, faced the wrath of Twitterati, who called him a ‘liar’ and blamed it on his ‘husband duties’ for lauding Anushka Sharma’s performance in ‘Zero’. Indian skipper Virat Kohli has finally watched actress and wife Anushka Sharma’s Zero and had some nice things to say about the movie. […]